De Filippi Centenary
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A hundred years ago Filippo De Filippi organised a great Expedition to Central Asia. This proved important above others in promoting knowledge of the Karakoram, especially in the scientific field. There are several reasons for interest in this early 20th century  Karakoram expedition: the position (bitterly contended between Pakistan and India) on the border along the neighbouring Siachen-Rimu glaciers; reawakened interest in exploration and particularly Italy’s contribution in this field; the attraction of new forms of tourism; lastly and importantly, the recognition that our scientific heritage should be cared for and used appropriately. The Karakoram in the northern Pakistan range, which includes K2 and other exceptional high altitude peaks, is now also a famous destination for trekkers and mountaineers and is still, as in the times of De Filippi and the Duke of the Abruzzi, an invaluable field for on-site scientific exploration.

A hundred years on, to celebrate the centenary of this Expedition, the Society for Geographical Studies, the Department of Historical and Geographical Studies, the Natural History Museum of Florence University, the Ev-K2-CNR and the Italian Geographical Society are promoting exhibitions of photographic, documentary and valuable original materials of great interest.

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